Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week Thirteen: Literary Speculation

Prompt:This week we are attempting to distinguish between writing in genre and writing that may use elements of genre but that is essentially literary. Discuss this question in relation to the work(s) you read for this week. Do you think this is an important or necessary distinction, or not? Is your experience of the text affected by these questions?

For the in class reading i chose 'aquatic uncle' by Italo Calvino. This short story plays with scientific theories and gives them a playful twist. Needless to say that the science part of it is also a metaphor for the evolution of society and they way its come to shape the people in it , its really done on number on us.  What was a surprise to me was how much of an ideal partner the Mc was to the other character and  how supportive they were.He has put her on a pedestal as being greater than him because of it. "Tadpoles" symbolize not just an antiquated, undesirable beginning to new life, but immaturity, someone who does not understand the world. Finally, "edges" symbolize a divide in society and how playing along the edge of an issue can result in falling to one side or the other. I do believe that at some points it is important to have distinction between the two as to avoid confusion but there are times (like in this story) that it works well when the two genres combine.

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