Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week Nine: Space Opera

Prompt :Readings for this week emphasize works that use the genre markers of 19th century popular fiction and place them in the context of an imagined future. 

"The martian" by Andy Weir  follows the journey of a space botanist after he has been stranded by his crew  on mars after they think he's dead. Faced with  this challenge  the first thing he does is calculate,  ruling out that he has a limited supply of air , a finite supply of food but and infinite amount of time until he's possibly rescued by his crew. Weir set up the whole premise so that every obstacle that the protagonist has to face would be logical and not exaggerated like an asteroid.  After holding out for a good while  with the minimal supplies he had available to him , the protagonists begins to face progressively bigger and worse obstacles. Eventually a rescue mission was sent out  but a botched construction and some faulty timing bring that whole plan to ground zero after it ends in an explosion.  OK LISTEN , how can one man survive for two years on potatoes , like i would literally rip my hair out if i had to eat nothing but potatoes and maybe even their god dammed stalks and leaves because there was nothing else available to me. This man has the steal will of god knows what because i wouldn't be able to handle it , i mean you can last on it for a while because of different flavors and preparation styles but this man was unfortunately stuck with at best two ways to get them cooked. Also , how does this man have  that much  duct tape ? theres seemed to have been like an endless amount of it because  everything kept going wrong and he was able to fix most of it with his smarts and a shit ton of duct tape that he just magically keeps producing out of his stock of supplies . 

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  1. The Martian is SUCH a good book. It's so funny despite being about such a serious topic. The protagonist has such a good sense of humor that keeps the story rolling and enjoyable. It really makes you able to connect with the story and the characters. I agree with you that eating so many potatoes would suck. But I also know NASA is a really big fan of Duck-Tape (after all, it saved Apollo 13). It really is the savior of all problems.