Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week Eleven: Cyberpunk and Steam Punk

Prompt:The sub-genres we are reading this week deal in augmented, altered or alternative realities. Discuss the types of reality rendered in the works you read and watched for this week's assignment. Describe the effects of these reality on the narrative and the implications for the presumed reader.

  A beautifully animated work of art with vivid  and engaging colors would surely be the work of the one and only Satoshi Kon. In Paprika, the idea that dreams are an internal mental process that occurs during sleep is far too limited. According to the principles of this world, dreams are not and should not  be limited to the mind of the dreamer, but rather can be projected into reality. Although it can only be done through a device called the DC-Mini. Seemingly its original intention was to be used for therapy, this iconic device was stolen and used to  target the group of individuals who developed it as well as wreak havoc in the rest of the world.  This Physiological thriller changes the perspective of dreams but also foreshadows the reality of the future in a whimsical yet unnerving fashion.Paprika is a metaphor for film and other visual practices in the sense that it invites the audience to reflect on the concept of two realities interacting and spilling over into each other, much like dreams will sometimes become reality. Its a peek into the technology we have today , being able to scan brain activity and even monitor stages of sleep in order to put together what could possibly be lucid dreams and thoughts.  As i was watching , i was drawn towards the concepts and presented realities of this world. Their perception of time, fictions , social structure and much more is slightly altered because of the technology they have available to them . Now im not saying this isn't a highly plausible thing to happen, its sort of happening right now and people from way back when would've thought the same thing , but naturally theirs always going to be some fiction to reality when it comes to entertainment. 

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