Monday, April 3, 2017

Week Eight: Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Prompt: How was myth reinvented within the context of the story you read for this week? In what ways were the myth made relevant to the contemporary world? 

        Neil Gaimans "Anansi Boys" amounts to a series of warmed-over "folk" fables in which animals act out various human follies. Insights to the stylistic confusion of the book can be found in its press materials, in which Gaiman writes, "If you have to classify it, it's probably a magical-horror-thriller-ghost-romantic-comedy-family-epic. The hero of  this story is Fat Charlie Nancy, unfortunately his name doesn't attest to his actual physical appearance. The name was given him as a child by his father, who, we are told, had a talent for handing out nicknames that stuck. But that isn't the only problem in the story , but much rather the structure itself. The problem in "Anansi Boys" is the type of fantasy Gaiman has picked. The tales of Anansi outwitting his foes leave the reader with an overwhelming , almost 'bad taste in the mouth' feeling. He also struggles with underlying instruction in his work , making it feel stiff and almost as if he had been to frivolous with his need to leave you off with a lesson. 

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