Thursday, April 6, 2017

Semester Assessment 

"Blood child" -Octavia Butler

1. What is your reaction to the text you just read ?
     I feel uncomfortable....... There something about the dynamic between these two species and how one is almost superior to the teran or N'tlic that just doesn't sit right. How one of them is alien-like and uses the other as a sort of breeding pod just makes my skin crawl. The process in which they remove these grubs and heal their counterparts for maybe another breading  is down-right terrible and whoever though this story was a good idea is  seriously questionable. Although it is well written and the text is very visually rich , i could do without mental images of an infested body , thank you very much. The approach on narration really does make the story much more immersive and tense, you can feel the hesitation and fear of the narrator toward the truth of their unfortunate position as a future breading host.

2.What connections did you make with the story you just read? Discuss the elements of the work which you were able to connect.
       Personally i have not made any connections with this. As for elements that would categorize this under syfy , there are many. This whole plot is very similar to that of Aliens (aliens vs. predators)  Where you have the creature planting its parasitic young in living hosts  then having them mature and essentially eating their way out of their host until they have  fully matured but the spin on this is that the host is "willing" , there isnt any hostage situation going on , or murder (unless they cant get a second host for the transferring process) but none the less its still unnerving. Then theres he whole human breeding arraignment they have where the Tlic will coral a group of men and women , feed them the eggs and  let them have at each other to produce the next generation.

3.What changes would you make to adapt this story into another medium?What medium would you use ? What changes would you make ?
        Although i hate to admit it , this would be a pretty interesting movie. Even if its intensely off-putting personally , that doesn't mean it wouldn't work well as a film adaptation of the book. Similar to the  chest bursters and face huggers of the alien .vs. predator franchise , this would pull in that very same audience and a few other interesting characters. Obviously changing a few things like character ages and  solidifying an actual location (very vague in the text about where this is happening) and even fleshing out the characters a bit more would set this movie on the right track, as for accurately depicting the Tlic/N'Tlic/Terran species will prove to be a bit of a challenge. Lastly, id set this in present time  seeing as future syfy movies can feel a little played out and disconnected.

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