Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 15: In the future

1) how do i see my future 10 years from now ?

Well i'm hoping that ill have a steady career and place to stay. Look man, i'm not asking for much life is crazy and things don't always go as planned so i'm not going to say that ill become  this over the top successful artist with money to spare. All i ask is that i have enough to pay the bills and some left for emergencies . Of course it would be nice to travel and have luxurious things but knowing how inflation works, i'm not going to 'cover the sun with a single finger' .

2) How do you see yourself 50 years from now ?

To be completely honest ? dead. I don't want to see that shit thats in store for the future , hell i don't want to even witness it now but thats a rant waiting to happen, so ill spare you the long story. I don't want to get old and creaky, i'm like that now ,i don't want people to pity me or hate me because i'm old and they'll see me as an inconvenience . No one wants to feel like a burden , and that how i feel like my future will leave me , as a burden so no, 50 years is excessive.

3) 100 years later ?

My answer hasn't changed , dead i want to be dead . I'm not changing my answer.

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