Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week7:The Novel of Spiritual Education

Fantasy of this type is pointed at young adults to help instruct them in the complexities of navigating the world. In what way were complex moral issues and spiritual challenges presented in the work you read for this week? 

J.K Rowling really set a whole new standard for character development and reached out to her readers like no other author has done.  She used her characters as a way to help her young readers find themselves and deal with real world issues. The way Rowling presented coming of age with her characters showed that it was ok to develop at different speeds from your peers.  She also touches on personal issues like self doubt , ostracism, and depression . Showing how an individual can deal with it by themselves or even look for help from the people that are closest to you . One of the biggest things thats talked about is finding your place in the world and not living in someone else's shadow, showing that it can be a grueling path but ultimately  be rewarding. It fought against social normalcies and showed that it was ok to be a little weird and to own your qualities because its always best to be yourself.  Rowling also wrote females characters in a whole different light, showing that you can have a strong, intelligent , independent , and diverse  female character as a main point that can move the plot along without sexualizing her or using her in some hetero-normative plot point.  
        The well known Harry potter series has really shaped and pushed our generation to have a new and fresh moral views and opinions on society. Giving us the understanding to question and develop our own ideas because we were given insight into diversity. 

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