Monday, February 13, 2017

Week Four: The New Weird

discuss what is "weird." Use specific examples from what you read and watched for this week. Why do you think is so compelling about the "weird?"

      What can we consider normal? normality is just a social construct in which behavior has the most frequency on a distribution curve of acceptance. Being weird can literally mean anything that doesn’t follow the social norm, no matter how minor the action; like pouring the milk before the cereal (please tell me you don’t do that). All jokes aside, it’s easy to say that small things like that aren’t particularly “normal” but where is the line drawn when it comes to personal habits that become less than socially acceptable even if they have no out right effect on the people deeming it wrong? One of the films I watched for this week was sinister, an abstract horror film about a true crime writer who discovers a box of home films that depict the work of a serial killer that dates back to the 1960s. The portrayal of the murders and the personality of the murder them selves is all out of character, weird. Each of them is done in a way that’s cryptic, not outright obvious as to why they were murdered and why they weren’t granted quick / clean deaths. Watching these videos also puts a mental strain on the protagonist, making him hallucinate and struggle to keep his mental health and life together.  This whole film was done in a different approach for a horror film, instead of some dark force working through a mortal it’s a deity named Bagul. In the ending shot we see that the box of home movies is ready for the next person to find and continue the cycle, now with a new home movie added to the collection.

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  1. Good start, love the concept and the execution of your writing. Try to work on finishing a text better, though - it does not feel complete or satisfying quite yet.