Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week 5 : Witches 

Prompt :
Discuss the witches in Aunt Maria. Are they stereotypes or archetypes? What do the characters say about the way our culture models women with power?

Aunt Maria holds a rich band of characters that all play off of each others strengths and weakness in order to have move character development along , effectively unfolding the story.  Jones depicts her witch character as  detestable and manipulative old witch. Its slow to unravel, but eventually all the clues lead to the unfortunate things that have been happening. Aunt Maria and her cronies are the only residents with any will of their own--their husbands and sons are zombie-like, and all the children are locked away in a huge orphanage on the outskirts of town.I think the witches in this novel conform more to an archetype of witch than a stereotype.  They aren't portrayed to be whimsical in any way or extravagant like they do in most others where the women are decorated in jewels and wear illustrious robes. Overall i think the way the women and witches were portrayed in this story were slightly better than the crude old women that usually represent how women are supposed to be viewed. 

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