Friday, April 21, 2017

Prompt:Write a post about how what you read, listened to or watched for this week explores issues of the present by placing them in the context of an imagined future.

 This week we watched 'Idiocracy' in class. Let me start off by saying that this is the worst movie ever made , in my opinion. Its so ridiculous , even though it does talk about how everyday we grow more and more ignorant to each other and the things around us , the producers could have gone a completely different and more tasteful route to prove their point. They start off by showing the future in a state of disarray and abandon, mountains upon mountains of trash , collapsed buildings (some being tied together for support), and a lack of water which has been replaced by Gatorade. Not only has the physical aspect of society deteriorated but its moral standing has fallen apart as well; communication has been reduced to grunts and incomprehensible slang and everyones IQs dropped immensely. Overall it was a ad decision from the get go , the script was terrible and quiet offensive on several different occasions to many different platforms.  Don't even get me started on the horrible humor, NOTHING WAS FUNNY , it gave me a headache if I'm completely honest. I don't think there has been anything else that i have disliked  as much as this fucking movie, Nothing about it should have made it through in the first place.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week Thirteen: Literary Speculation

Prompt:This week we are attempting to distinguish between writing in genre and writing that may use elements of genre but that is essentially literary. Discuss this question in relation to the work(s) you read for this week. Do you think this is an important or necessary distinction, or not? Is your experience of the text affected by these questions?

For the in class reading i chose 'aquatic uncle' by Italo Calvino. This short story plays with scientific theories and gives them a playful twist. Needless to say that the science part of it is also a metaphor for the evolution of society and they way its come to shape the people in it , its really done on number on us.  What was a surprise to me was how much of an ideal partner the Mc was to the other character and  how supportive they were.He has put her on a pedestal as being greater than him because of it. "Tadpoles" symbolize not just an antiquated, undesirable beginning to new life, but immaturity, someone who does not understand the world. Finally, "edges" symbolize a divide in society and how playing along the edge of an issue can result in falling to one side or the other. I do believe that at some points it is important to have distinction between the two as to avoid confusion but there are times (like in this story) that it works well when the two genres combine.

Week 15: In the future

1) how do i see my future 10 years from now ?

Well i'm hoping that ill have a steady career and place to stay. Look man, i'm not asking for much life is crazy and things don't always go as planned so i'm not going to say that ill become  this over the top successful artist with money to spare. All i ask is that i have enough to pay the bills and some left for emergencies . Of course it would be nice to travel and have luxurious things but knowing how inflation works, i'm not going to 'cover the sun with a single finger' .

2) How do you see yourself 50 years from now ?

To be completely honest ? dead. I don't want to see that shit thats in store for the future , hell i don't want to even witness it now but thats a rant waiting to happen, so ill spare you the long story. I don't want to get old and creaky, i'm like that now ,i don't want people to pity me or hate me because i'm old and they'll see me as an inconvenience . No one wants to feel like a burden , and that how i feel like my future will leave me , as a burden so no, 50 years is excessive.

3) 100 years later ?

My answer hasn't changed , dead i want to be dead . I'm not changing my answer.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week Twelve: Diverse Position Science Fiction

Prompt:Discuss how the text(s) you read for this week's assignment did or did not refelect the values and perspectives of majoritarian culture. 

"Bodega Dreams" is a gritty and colorful novel painting out the alluring world of Spanish harlem.  Word on the block says Willie Bodega is king and if you want to stay in his good favors , you will do anything he tells you ; even if that means steadily pushing drugs in a chance at a leg up and some of his loyalty.  We come to know the story of Chino, a young man in Spanish Harlem who crosses paths with the legendary Willie Bodega, who is equal parts gangster, activist and dreamer. As Chino is drawn further into Bodega’s world, he becomes increasingly connected with el barrio’s shady underbelly and begins to contemplate the future of the neighborhood. Sapo, a mutual friend of the two, introduces Chino to Willie Bodega, and the small but stable life Chino has with Blanca begins to disintegrate. Bodega says he is interested in working with Chino, but Chino initially dismisses Bodega as just another slumlord taking advantage of his own people.  Eventually Chino is eager to cut ties with Bodega, whom he suspects murdered Salazar. Yet, there always seems to be one more favor he owes, and he can’t manage to walk away. For example, Chino’s new apartment building is set on fire, and once again, Chino needs to find housing. It is believed that the building fire was set by Aaron Fischman, a rival of Bodega and an associate of Salazar.  Only after Bodega’s death does Chino learn that the entire situation was a set-up, a way for Vera to leave her marriage and reconnect with her true love, Nazario. Chino realizes that it was Nazario who arranged for Vera to come to New York and who set the apartment building on fire and blamed it on Fischman.  Fearing that he will eventually be a target of Nazario’s himself, Chino turns in everyone but Sapo to the police. QuiƱonez perfectly reflected the realities faced then and even currently in lower class neighborhoods . Personally , growing up in the bronx , this has proven to be well written and captures what its like to live in and around gangs and power runs with drugs that comprise the majority of the neighborhoods economic make-up.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week Eleven: Cyberpunk and Steam Punk

Prompt:The sub-genres we are reading this week deal in augmented, altered or alternative realities. Discuss the types of reality rendered in the works you read and watched for this week's assignment. Describe the effects of these reality on the narrative and the implications for the presumed reader.

  A beautifully animated work of art with vivid  and engaging colors would surely be the work of the one and only Satoshi Kon. In Paprika, the idea that dreams are an internal mental process that occurs during sleep is far too limited. According to the principles of this world, dreams are not and should not  be limited to the mind of the dreamer, but rather can be projected into reality. Although it can only be done through a device called the DC-Mini. Seemingly its original intention was to be used for therapy, this iconic device was stolen and used to  target the group of individuals who developed it as well as wreak havoc in the rest of the world.  This Physiological thriller changes the perspective of dreams but also foreshadows the reality of the future in a whimsical yet unnerving fashion.Paprika is a metaphor for film and other visual practices in the sense that it invites the audience to reflect on the concept of two realities interacting and spilling over into each other, much like dreams will sometimes become reality. Its a peek into the technology we have today , being able to scan brain activity and even monitor stages of sleep in order to put together what could possibly be lucid dreams and thoughts.  As i was watching , i was drawn towards the concepts and presented realities of this world. Their perception of time, fictions , social structure and much more is slightly altered because of the technology they have available to them . Now im not saying this isn't a highly plausible thing to happen, its sort of happening right now and people from way back when would've thought the same thing , but naturally theirs always going to be some fiction to reality when it comes to entertainment. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week Ten:The Fiction of Ideas

Prompt:The readings for this week emphasize the fiction of ideas. What ideas or mind experiments were explored in the works you read for this week? What were some of the implications or consequences of those ideas for those of us living today? 

Le Guin's novel tells the story of one Genly Ai, a human whose job is to convince the people of the planet Gethen to join the Ekumen . The Gethenians are an androgynous race, neither male nor female but capable of being both (and neither), depending on the lunar cycle.  Genly Ai's struggle is to connect his own understanding of culture and society with one utterly foreign and alien to him, i mean it doesn't get much more foreign than androgynous aliens from a different planet. Ai must learn to communicate and interact with the Gethen as they would expect him to.  Of course he has to be willing to be changed by their differences and integrate those differences into his new and expanding view of the universe. If he can't, he'll fail at his mission and no one , neither the Gethenians, the Ekumen, nor himself, will have benefited from any of this experience and the mission would have been a complete failure.  In Guins writing we're faced with countless themes , such as : language and communication , religion , gender , politics , the other , duty, man and the natural world (more or less),  warfare, and finally love. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week Nine: Space Opera

Prompt :Readings for this week emphasize works that use the genre markers of 19th century popular fiction and place them in the context of an imagined future. 

"The martian" by Andy Weir  follows the journey of a space botanist after he has been stranded by his crew  on mars after they think he's dead. Faced with  this challenge  the first thing he does is calculate,  ruling out that he has a limited supply of air , a finite supply of food but and infinite amount of time until he's possibly rescued by his crew. Weir set up the whole premise so that every obstacle that the protagonist has to face would be logical and not exaggerated like an asteroid.  After holding out for a good while  with the minimal supplies he had available to him , the protagonists begins to face progressively bigger and worse obstacles. Eventually a rescue mission was sent out  but a botched construction and some faulty timing bring that whole plan to ground zero after it ends in an explosion.  OK LISTEN , how can one man survive for two years on potatoes , like i would literally rip my hair out if i had to eat nothing but potatoes and maybe even their god dammed stalks and leaves because there was nothing else available to me. This man has the steal will of god knows what because i wouldn't be able to handle it , i mean you can last on it for a while because of different flavors and preparation styles but this man was unfortunately stuck with at best two ways to get them cooked. Also , how does this man have  that much  duct tape ? theres seemed to have been like an endless amount of it because  everything kept going wrong and he was able to fix most of it with his smarts and a shit ton of duct tape that he just magically keeps producing out of his stock of supplies .